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Prepare for Your Degree

Our Executive MBA students are accomplished professionals who seek to strengthen their managerial skills and leadership competencies. Typically, they have been out of the classroom for some time and transitioning back into a structured learning environment can be a challenge. LMU's OnBoarding Program aims to help incoming students adjust to an increased EMBA-generated workload.

The OnBoarding Program's goal is to help you prepare for your EMBA journey. As part of this process, the program will:

  • Help participants develop an effective time management and work-life balance strategy
  • Clarify individual key strengths, professional development interests and goals
  • Provide resources, as required, for strengthening foundational competencies
  • Introduce a variety of business themes/disciplines that will be explored during the EMBA

Our tailored program will introduce you to the EMBA and help strengthen your foundational skills so you'll be ready to start classes with confidence. There is no additional cost to participate. The OnBoarding Program is not a requirement for the EMBA program although we highly recommend it.

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Portfolio of Resources

Participation in the OnBoarding Program is voluntary and open to all students accepted into the EMBA Program. The program is self-paced and offered online through MyLMU. It includes a portfolio of resources organized by topic/discipline. Resource modules include brief descriptions of key themes that will be examined in the EMBA, why they are important, and what students will learn about them as they progress toward their degree. Select readings also are included to help introduce the topics discussed. Several resource modules include recommended instructional materials and assignments designed to strengthen foundational skills. Hands-on workshops will be offered during the summer to supplement materials covered in the modules.


The OnBoarding Program is self-paced and largely self-directed. You will identify and draw on the resources most applicable to your unique needs and interests. You will be assigned an EMBA alumni mentor who will help guide and support your efforts. Our alumni mentors have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to acclimate to and succeed in the EMBA program. They are ready and willing to help you throughout the OnBoarding process and into the start of the program.