"Through the LMU EMBA Program, I have learned and discovered more about myself than I ever imagined. It has truly been a life-changing experience."
Morgan Gruenebaum, EMBA 2015, Manager & Empowered Official, Export/Import Licensing, Raytheon

"Every day I do something at work that reminds me of something I learned in class. I now have a much broader understanding of all aspects of business."
Mark Brockman, EMBA 2011, Production Manager, Vactor Manufacturing

"I find myself drawing from what we learned in class – teamwork, running effective meetings, evaluating opportunities, presenting ideas, etc. I'm sure I'll be pulling my textbooks out very shortly."
Cari Kojima, EMBA 2010, Chief People Officer, Beyond Meat

"I originally selected the program because of LMU's reputation for intellectual rigor. Another key factor was the smaller class size compared to other EMBA programs I looked at. Since I wanted to take my business career to the next level, I did not want to be lost in a large class and therefore have less one-on-one interaction with my fellow students and the faculty. This was important to me because I wanted the experience to be as personally and intellectually intensive as possible, and the program suited my needs in this regard."
Bess Wiley, EMBA 2010

"This program is a truly collaborative experience, with a strong emphasis on relationship building between students and faculty and the importance of teamwork. There is a tremendous commitment of time and energy from faculty that goes way beyond normal classes and office hours."
Sharon Black, EMBA 2009, Director of GPS & Navigation Systems, Raytheon

"On a professional level, I've gained new knowledge and insight and feel I am better equipped to effectively lead my team in the workplace. It has altered my overall vision and perspective, enabling me to approach business decision-making processes with an entirely different attitude."
Paula Fox, EMBA 2009

"Looking back on my EMBA experience, I have no doubt that I made the right choice. There are numerous areas in which the program helped me grow, both personally and professionally. On one level, I gained immeasurably in my own self-confidence and belief. On another front, I have become a much more strategic thinker."
Robert Contreras, EMBA 2008, Deputy Executive Director, Bienestar Human Services

"I was attracted to LMU's EMBA because I had already experienced the supportive atmosphere of the LMU community as an undergraduate, where a student can get a good deal of one-on-one attention. Even though I knew that the EMBA program would be rigorous and present the usual challenges of a leading graduate business program, I found that same support structure in the EMBA as I had as an undergrad."
Chris Ayzoukian, EMBA 2007, Vice President, Los Angeles Philharmonic

"The inspirational teaching and backing received from my executive coach opened my eyes to the possibility that there could be more than just rising to the top of the corporate ladder and gave me the self-assurance to aim higher. I developed a clear perspective on what I could achieve and gained the confidence to fully embrace my core passions and goals."
Martin Lopez, EMBA 2006

"If you were to ask my fellow graduates the single most important lesson we learned from the program, the answer would be "I realized just how much I didn't know." Behind this statement lies the true strength of the LMU EMBA. There is a strong focus on participating in the classroom with an emphasis on teamwork as the key to becoming a better, more successful leader."
Kelly Watson, EMBA 2006, Managing Partner, Women in Leadership Consulting & Training, Orange Grove Consulting

"Joining the EMBA class was the best thing I ever did for myself. I can't imagine going into this new role without the education I received at LMU... I appreciate all you have done."
Kristi Theesen, EMBA 2005, Regional Sales Specialist, Marriott International

"After some soul searching, I decided I was ready and equipped for a change. Being in a large corporate environment for over 24 years, I had no idea what to expect on the outside, but my exposure during the EMBA program let me believe that whatever I encountered I could handle."
Fran Auricchio, EMBA 2003, President & CEO, Wavestream

"The LMU Executive MBA helped me better assess my core competencies, develop strategic thinking, and improve managerial skills that empower me to take on greater responsibility within my career."
Candace Kentopian, EMBA 2003, Real Estate Agent, Coldwell Banker