Executive Coaching & Alumni Mentors

A professionally dressed student speaking to a faculty member

Personalized Guidance and Support

A distinguishing feature of the LMU EMBA program is the individual guidance you will receive from an executive coach and an alumni mentor. Combined with our faculty, your coach and mentor will become part of your "personal board of directors," inspiring you to think for yourself and gain a deeper understanding of your own personal talents, values and passions.

Executive coaches and alumni mentors share the following objectives:

  • Engage in and reinforce professional and personal development.
  • Guide practical application of competencies, skills, perspectives and decision-making frameworks.
  • Assist in network building by providing strategic recommendations and making connections.
  • Increase the diversity, inclusion and awareness of resources in and out of the program.

Though these two advisers share the same objectives, they bring different perspectives. Your executive coach is a seasoned business leader focused on challenging you to grow your awareness, thinking, problem-solving, perspective and impact, while your alumni mentor is an LMU EMBA graduate with first-hand knowledge of what it takes to acclimate to and succeed in the EMBA program.