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Leaders Transforming the World

The LMU Executive MBA is designed to provide graduates with the core business skills and insights required for executive leadership. Whether your goal is to advance to a C-level position or launch an entrepreneurial venture, our program will position you to take your career to the next level.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the LMU Executive MBA program will:

  • Demonstrate competencies for using finance, accounting, economics, statistical tools, HR management, marketing and strategy concepts to analyze, evaluate and manage an organization's performance.
  • Have the knowledge and skills to function effectively as leaders, team managers and team members of organizations.
  • Be able to utilize a variety of frameworks of ethical decision making, leading responsibly and acting with integrity.
  • Demonstrate strong written and oral managerial communication skills.
  • Have a global business perspective.

A Collaborative Learning Environment

Our program is structured as a cohort and shifts from analysis and evaluation to strategic application and execution. The 22-month program consists of 4 integrated modules plus an immersive summer session for a total of 56 units.

For detailed course descriptions, see the University Bulletin.

  • Orientation

    The program begins with a four-day Executive Leadership Orientation where students set learning goals, form study teams, and engage in a variety of workshops and team-building exercises.

    • MBAP 6810 - Introduction to Executive Leadership

    Module 1 — Business Foundations (Fall)

    This module addresses what it means to be a leader in the 21st century, including leading oneself, leading others and communicating effectively, and develops a foundation in quantitative and analytical skills to assess the impact of the global economy on the economic value of the firm.

    • MBAP 6110 - Financial Accounting
    • MBAP 6320 - Business Insights
    • MBAP 6330 - Applied Business Economics
    • MBAP 6410 - Marketing Management
    • MBAP 6510 - Executive Communications
    • MBAP 6820 - Leadership Foundations
    • MBAP 6840 - Professional Development

    Module 2 — Building and Leading High Performance Organizations (Spring)

    This module focuses on how executives can maximize human potential for improving organizational performance. You develop a better understanding of your own leadership and decision-making styles, while continuing to develop your quantitative and analytical skills.

    • MBAP 6120 - Managerial Accounting
    • MBAP 6210 - Fundamentals of Finance
    • MBAP 6320 - Big Data, Analytics and Organizational Decision Making
    • MBAP 6340 - Applied Macroeconomics
    • MBAP 6520 - Executive Communications
    • MBAP 6610 - Human Capital Management
    • MBAP 6650 - Management and the Technological Future
    • MBAP 6840 - Professional Development
    • MBAP 6850 - Ethics and Spirituality in the Workplace

    Intersection of Government, Organizations, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Summer)

    Over the summer, students study innovation and entrepreneurship and take a 5-day trip to Northern California to gain a better understanding of the legislative process, meet with individuals who shape policies and decisions and obtain an insider's view of innovation in practice. Students finish this module with an opportunity to create their own business venture — from concept to business plan to investor pitch.  

    • MBAP 6880 - Leadership Practicum
    • MBAP 6910 - Managing Innovation
    • MBAP 6920 - Field Study: Innovation in Practice
    • MBAP 6950 - New Venture Start Up
  • Module 3 — Strategy in the Global Business Environment (Fall)

    This module expands your horizons beyond functional and internal topics to global approaches, presenting you with a variety of complex and interrelated issues.

    • MBAP 6220 - Corporate Finance & Capital Markets
    • MBAP 6420 - Strategic Marketing
    • MBAP 6670 - Strategic Management
    • MBAP 6710 - Strategic Opportunity Assessment
    • MBAP 6750 - Business in the International Environment
    • MBAP 6840 - Professional Development
    • MBAP 6850 - Ethics and Spirituality in the Workplace

    Module 4 — Executive Leadership in Practice (Spring)

    This module enhances your ability to apply human and capital resources to achieve a long-term competitive advantage for your organization. Particular emphasis is given to ethical conduct, integrity and socially-responsible action. Students take a 2-week journey overseas to 2 major business centers to meet with business and government leaders and gather findings for their capstone research projects.

    • MBAP 6230 - Financing Expansion & Resolving Growth Issues
    • MBAP 6710 - Strategic Opportunity Assessment
    • MBAP 6720 - Strategic Opportunity Implementation
    • MBAP 6730 - International Negotiations
    • MBAP 6760 - Business in the International Environment
    • MBAP 6830 - Executive Leadership
    • MBAP 6840 - Professional Development
    • MBAP 6850 - Ethics and Spirituality in the Workplace