Experiential Learning

Beyond the Classroom

LMU is one of a select group of accredited Jesuit business schools in the U.S. that offers leadership development programs and helps business professionals become more successful through rigorous, values-driven academics and rich community connections. Jesuit schools emphasize:

  • Education of the whole person.
  • Learning through experience.
  • Leadership based on self-awareness.

These objectives are at the forefront of the LMU Executive MBA experience and are embodied in our experiential learning components.

Executive Leadership Orientation

EMBA student participating in a team building exercise involving plastic cups and rope.

Each August, the incoming EMBA class begins their 22-month journey together with an intensive, 4-day residential focused on team-building and leadership development. Students meet each other for the first time, and by the end of the experience, most feel like they've known each other for years. You will set learning goals, form study teams and engage in a variety of workshops and team-building exercises. You will also participate in a workshop with your significant other/support person addressing the importance of achieving balance between family, work and school.

These experiential learning exercises are designed to build trust and confidence, enhance communication skills, boost creativity and find solutions to problems. They're also used as a way to help you step out of your comfort zone and break down personal barriers.

Leadership Through Sailing

A group of students on a boat learning to sail

In-between year 1 and year 2, students will participate in a 2-day sailing course in their study teams designed with the following objectives:

  • Understand the norms of team behavior including: emotional intelligence, handling risks and mistakes, conflict resolution and resilience.
  • Observe and discuss the impact of stress on team behavior.
  • Explore the impact of trust, accountability and communication on team performance.
  • Identify team and individual strengths and weaknesses — and analyze the implications for role assignment.

Domestic Travel

Intersection of Government, Organizations, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In the summer between year 1 and 2, students take an immersive, 5-day trip to northern California where they gain a better understanding of the legislative process, have the opportunity to meet with individuals who shape policies and decisions and obtain an insider's view of innovation in practice.

Your trip begins at the State Capitol in Sacramento where you'll engage with elected officials, capitol staff, NGOs, lobbyists, state departments and legislatively mandated offices that are integral to facilitating state government operations. Capital partners provide you with an insider's perspective on how the legislative process works, the various players that support the effort, and the essential role that relationships and trade-offs (priorities) play in maintaining the fabric of a functioning state government.

You then experience life in Silicon Valley for a real-world case study in innovation and technology. Past companies visited include Google, Apple, Oracle, Jabil and Absolute EMS. Individuals from our LMU network, including EMBA alums, will help you understand the start-up ecosystem and inspire creativity.

EMBA Class of 2023 posed photo in the State Treasurer's Office

Executive MBA Students Visit Northern California for Inside Look at Legislation and Innovation

“I learned that a big part of innovation in government or business is about relationships, asking the right questions, and building a creative team with diverse skillsets. The trip brought to life the impact of both public and private sectors on driving this trillion-dollar California economy forward.”

– Ruth Amanuel, EMBA Class of 2023

International Travel

Global Leadership Research

In the final semester, students take a 2-week international journey to compare and contrast one emerging and one well-developed business center in the same geographic region of the world. You'll meet with business executives and government leaders to gather findings for your final, capstone research project, developing a comprehensive business plan. Every EMBA cohort spends some of their time overseas focusing on building sustainable communities — enhancing the marginalized and disadvantaged of society.

Students provide input on the industry they want to focus their research projects on, and faculty and administration determine the global region based on the industry chosen. In recent years, EMBA students have visited IsraelCuba, Costa Rica, China, Singapore, India, Peru, Germany, South Korea, Russia, Thailand, Greece, Spain and South Africa.

EMBA students on top of Masada overlooking the Dead Sea.

Executive MBA Students Study Water Conservation in Israel

“We were all really blown away by the abundant amount of water innovation happening in Israel. We visited desalination plants, atmospheric drinking water producers, satellite leak detection innovators, irrigation solution inventors, and a mobile water purification vehicle manufacturer. This trip helped us pivot our focus from Israel to California, which is currently facing a drought and needs solutions.”

– Ernesto Solis, MBA '22