a photo of EMBA 2021 class member Atta Aregat

Atta Areqat began work for Cinemark Theatres as a Café Barista at the newly opened Century Theatres in Pleasant Hill, CA in 2001.  He was promoted to General Manager in 2010, where he managed four different locations in nine years.  Hi current location, in Playa Vista, CA, is the company's premier flagship location. Atta manages over 110 employees, but the most challenging and exciting part of his job is working with different entertainment studios and catering to all types of A-list celebrities and athletes.  He had the honor of working with high profile personalities such as Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, Seth Rogen, Christopher Nolan, Helen Mirren and Kendrick Lamar.  While it is very easy to get star struck with the Hollywood glamour, Atta continues to prioritize the most important part of hisjob which entails leading his managers and employees to operate at a high level that continues to exceed company standards.

When Atta was first promoted to general manager 9 years ago, he ran a level 1 theatre in Blackhawk, CA which had a total of 30 employees. Currently, he manages 30 employees during a shift.  According to the company average, Atta was the youngest GM at 26 years of age at that time.  During his tenure at Blackhawk, he learned how to groom and develop employees under his wing.  Throughout his nine years as a GM, he earned President’s Gold Club twice, which is the most prestigious award given to the top 40 General Managers in the Company.  Atta also received a 100% global audit which has only been accomplished three other times since the company was established in 1984.  He developed two senior assistant managers to become general managers, which he is  extremely proud to say he had major hand in them continuing to thrive with Cinemark.  Looking back at his career, Atta is tremendously proud of the fact that he no longer just manage people, but instead influence and motivate them with his leadership.

While working as a general manager, Atta earned a Bachelor's degree in Communications from California State East Bay.  Even though my career was already established as an Executive with Cinemark, he feels the credibility and knowledge he gained at CSUEB helped take hi career, along with his confidence, to the next level. He is thrilled and eager to start his next journey in life through the EMBA program at Loyola Marymount University.  Atta is a firm believer that a ceiling should never hang over an individual and that he will fly through that ceiling by earning his EMBA at LMU.