a photo of Deanna Lazaro EMBA Class of 2021

Deanna Lazaro is the Marketing Accounts Manager at Logitech’s Blue Microphones division, where she analyzes and manages the division’s budget. Prior to Logitech, she was the Finance Coordinator at Carpenter Technology. Her field of expertise is accounting, which she has been specializing for over twelve years. In August 2017, Deanna founded Ng Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Translation Services, where she translates for the Chinese martial arts community.

She is also the Assistant Instructor at Red Dragon Kung Fu Academy in Ventura, CA where she teaches Chu Ka Southern Praying Mantis kung fu. Deanna is proficient in Hung Ga and Chin Na kung fu; and Bujinkan, a classical Samurai warfare martial art. In addition, she is the Director, Head Instructor and Translator of the Cantonese and Mandarin language programs at the academy. Aside from her martial arts interests, she is a member of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Federation, where she helps spread the wellness and benefits of Chinese martial arts.

Deanna graduated from California State University Channel Islands where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Business, with an emphasis in Accounting and Finance. While working on her undergraduate and going to school full-time, she adhered to her strong work ethics, focus, and discipline as the basis of her roadmap to accomplish her goals. In addition to pursuing her Executive MBA, she is currently studying to become a Certified Public Accountant.