Anil Patel

Anil Patel is the Director of Technology at Notre Dame High School, a private Catholic high school in Sherman Oaks. In his current role, Anil ensures that all areas of technology and innovation, from operations and infrastructure to instructional and integration, are aligned with the strategic vision and mission of the school.  Technology continues to be of growing importance in all industries and now more than ever before at Notre Dame High School.  It is with great pride that, under his leadership, NDHS had a highly successful online distance learning program when the COVID crisis hit in the Spring of 2020.

He also enjoys working directly with the students and is the moderator of the ND Grillers club.  The club offers quality meals as a service to the student body and when there is a profit beyond operational expenses, it is donated to support a charity in need.

Anil has over ten years of extensive leadership in the Technology industry.  He started his career in the medical software industry overseeing the development of an Electronic Health Record system for Topaz Computer Systems.  He traveled to the Philippines to implement the Topaz systems in hospitals all over the country.

Anil graduated from UC Riverside, where he received his bachelor’s degree in Economics with a concentration in Finance.  Anil is looking forward to continuing his education journey at LMU.