Dave Tang

Dave Tang is a project manager at Prospect Medical Systems, a rapidly growing medical management group that partners with major insurance companies to provide quality and effective healthcare services to patients.

He leads a team of managers and directors to transform corporate initiatives into action plans and prepares the operation to meet the patient care challenges of tomorrow.  His recent work includes implementing a program that ensures more senior members stay healthy by getting a yearly health assessment with their Doctor.  By re-engineering, the software to align with the operational workflow, the team simplified the process.  It thus attracted more Physicians to complete the assessments and motivate the members to participate.  Other initiatives include implementing enterprise software, improving operation efficiency, and meeting regulatory requirements.

He started his career as a box opener at Specialty Laboratories.  After learning the business, he was quickly promoted to a supervisory role to build a new department equipped with a robotic arm to sort over 20,000 biological specimens a day.  With increasing responsibility, he learned how to incorporate technology into the business operation.  Since then, he has been helping companies reach their peak efficiency one project at a time.

Dave earned his Bachelor of Arts in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and he holds certifications in project management and six-sigma black belt.