Eric Custis

Eric Custis is the General Manager for DLS Events.  With over 14 years of Food and Beverage Management experience across various sectors, he has developed a sought-after approach to streamlining operations, maximizing profits, and greatly increasing team morale.  In his current role Eric is responsible for the management of all operations, finance, human resources, and client relations with regards to Food & Beverage at the historic Hollywood Palladium.  With a variety of events constantly rotating through the venue, from concerts, dance festivals, televised award shows, non profit fundraisers and giant marketing activations, Eric has constantly had to adapt styles and be versatile to ensure every guest feels like the most important person in the room.

Previously Eric was a General Manager with Wolfgang Puck in charge of multiple venues around Los Angeles as well as tasked with overseeing beverage aspects of the Academy Awards and the SAG Awards.  He also served as the Food & Beverage Director for Shade Hotels and was vital in the expansion of their restaurant events and the opening of a new hotel.

Eric graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in Communications.  Upon graduation, Eric has continued his professional development by continually attending leadership and business management courses.  To maintain mental focus and a work life balance, in his off time Eric competes in Ironman Triathlons.