Genette Alcaraz

Genette Alcaraz is CEO and a board member of Spectron, Inc., an analytical instruments manufacturer of precious metal consumables. She has over 10 years of executive management experience also as a vice president of operations at Spectron, Inc. and as director of operations at Asylum Research Oxford Instruments. She has spent the last 17 years working for scientific instrument manufacturers and is extremely familiar with ERP systems, cost and managerial accounting, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma and ISO. She takes pride in being selected on all project teams and in being the only female in executive management at either of her past two companies.

Upon taking over as CEO, Genette has grown the company by over 23% in revenue in her first year and worked collaboratively with the major OEM’s in the ICP-MS industry to provide over 60% of the global demand in cone consumables. Genette believes in leading by example and in being a part of the team. She can often be found in the company’s warehouse helping to ship a customer order or QC’ing as she still enjoys checking in on the day-to-day operations, people and processes. She believes that even the smallest tasks have purpose that lead toward the greater goal and works tirelessly toward employee development and mentorship.

In Genette’s past roles, she has worked for publicly traded companies and ran audits and financial reviews including inventories and general ledger adjustments. She has managed both people and process thru all facets of the company. Given her schooling, Genette specializes in contracts and originally started her upward climb taking over a contracts department to oversee supplier, customer and distributor contracts including letters of credit. At her last company she was asked to travel both domestically and internationally to other sites and work with operations teams on ERP training and lean manufacturing efficiencies. She was also part of a mergers and acquisitions team when her company was purchased, and she was asked to spear head the transition due to her high emotional intelligence and experience in change management.

Genette holds of Bachelor of Arts in Law & Society with an emphasis in Criminal Justice from the University of California at Santa Barbara. When she is not working, Genette serves on several volunteer boards including the District Little League board overseeing 10 Little Leagues as the Safety Legal Compliance officer. She is also on the financial committee of two school boards. She also enjoys coaching softball and other youth sports. Her experience with the law, finance, and operations collides in her volunteer roles and she enjoys giving back to her community whenever possible.