Marvin Corado

Marvin Corado is an Additive Manufacturing Engineer at Carpenter Technologies.  He leads the engineering department as the second most senior member in the fabrication of metal components via 3D printing primarily for the Aerospace industry.  This is accomplished through a thorough review of technical and manufacturing specifications.  Marvin is not only involved in the technical aspects of 3D printing, but also in the financial aspect through the creating of financial models for the overall project-beginning to end.  He has received the council outstanding engineering achievement merit award which he earned through safety-conscious engineering.

Post-graduation, Marvin began his career at Dukes Aerospace Inc. as an Engineer and shortly after became a Project Engineer. In this role, he learned the complete process of initial designing to final manufacturing of High Pressure Regulating Valves which are used for environment control in aircraft.

Marvin brings technological know-how experience and a passion for learning.  He demonstrates this through his constant improvement.  Currently, he is in the process of mastering his third language-French.

Marvin Graduated from California Polytechnic State University Pomona where he earned his bachelor’s in aerospace engineering.  He also earned a minor in physics.