Shelley Reece

Shelley Reece works as the Operations Manager for an early-stage start-up called Aggregage, a digital media company that provides industry professionals with thought-leadership content in a variety of different verticals.  Joining originally as a Content Specialist, she quickly demonstrated her capacity for innovative thinking when she designed and built the Aggregage webinar program, increasing revenue by 100%.  She then proceeded to re-design the company’s marketing tactics, enabling the digital publications to host multiple advertisers at the same time.  She has also led innovation in knowledge capture, data management and information availability, allowing for a more efficient and self-driven onboarding of new hires, and enabling better autonomy within the operations team.  In January 2020, she re-designed the company’s operational structure to better support the fast-paced growth of the company, and began her current project of building and managing a total of three new and distinct teams.

Prior to joining Aggregage, Shelley worked as a Research Apprentice and Content Specialist at U.C. Berkeley, where she helped curate photographic, anecdotal and laboratory data for the “Between the Caves” archaeological project.

Shelley graduated from U.C. Berkley with a B. A. in Anthropology and Highest Honors, as well as an Honors Thesis, “Landscape Archaeology in Magdalenian France.”  In her sophomore year she worked as a tutor with E.S.L. and archaeology students.

Shelley is the author of two fantasy novels and one science-fiction novella, and occasionally freelances as a copy and content editor.  She believes that storytelling is one of the most important aspects of the human experience, and believes in helping others find their stories – whether that’s freelancing as an editor, working individually with team members to develop their careers, or helping bring a company’s vision for itself to life.